Can’t find your clique?

One thing I was worried about before college was finding a solid group of friends. Both my middle school and high school were very small, tight-knit communities. I always managed to have a small girl clique by my side.

Then, I decided to go to college in a much bigger and intimidating school. With 5,000 freshman alone and 20,000 undergrads, I was sure that I would find a group I’d fit in with. Now, a second semester freshman and I have yet to find a solid group. First semester I was more of a nomad, moving around different friend groups, trying to find people I was comfortable with. Now, I have a solid group of guy friends, to which I must say, is in no way the same as having a group of girls to gossip with.

Guys are more chill. They just sit around talk about sports and politics, and in no way involve themselves in any drama. It’s definitely a nice change, however, when I do need someone to gossip to, it can get a little bit lonely. I have no doubts that I’ll find a group of girls in no time, but for right now, I’m just hanging with the guys.


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