But, who REALLY knows what they want to do?

It’s the third week of second semester, and I’m swamped. I no longer have time to take naps, or paint my nails, or watch an episode of Shameless on Netflix. I’m taking three sciences this semester: Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy. My head is filled with equations, all the parts of epithelium tissue, and the life cycle of plants. Before this semester, I did not know I was capable of this much memorization.

For some reason, I just don’t understand anything Chem related. I met with my Chem tutor today hoping that some one-on-one would somehow magically make it click in my head, however, the only thing I got from that tutor session was how much I actually hate Chem. It’s just something I have absolutely NO interest in, even if I did understand it. This got me thinking about my major. I’m in a 100 level college Chem course right now, and next semester I’ll be in a 300 level Orgo class. Chem is a major part of my majors requirements, and all it’s doing right now is giving me unnecessary added levels of stress. I’m more excited about my English class on Paris than I am for 1 hour lectures on Bond Orders and the VSEPR theory.

I’m planning on switching my major from Pre-Vet to Bio just because I would like to have more room in my schedule to explore other fields, while also preparing ad having the option to go to medical school. Choosing a college major is hard and I think there is so much added pressure from friends and family, that we don’t really give ourselves a chance to sit down and think, “What do I really want to do?”

I remember one day, instead of doing my Chem hw for the night, I researched “What should be my major quiz.” I took about three quizzes and each one said I should either do journalism, education, or nursing. I’ve always been a more creative person and growing up I would always tell people I wanted to be a writer. However, in high school I was convinced by everyone around me that I would be a great doctor. And now, I’m struggling to find what I like doing.

I’m not going to stress on it too much right now because I know that through my extracurricular and volunteer experience, I’ll find something that I fall in love with. So far I’ve learned that  college is all about taking it one day at a time, and not letting everyone’s success put added pressure on you. Everyone’s just as lost as you are, whether they admit it or not.



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