Never thought I’d count down the days till Winter Break was over

There I was, in the study lounge, busting my ass memorizing page after page. It was a week before finals and I was one of the many students with bags under their eyes, drinking their third cup of coffee that day. I remember thinking how badly I wanted to go home, how much I couldn’t wait to step foot in the city again.

I told all of my friends countless stories of the city. Told them how I couldn’t wait to finally get a break from school. After my last final kicked my ass, I went straight back to my dorm and began packing. I blasted Christmas music as I threw my clothes into my luggage.

Little did I know, as I write this post, I have been sitting in the same position on my couch every day for the past two weeks. Some days I even wish I was back at school, breaking night working on homework. A complete boredom has washed over me. All my high school friends are going back to their colleges soon, and I’ll be left alone in the city.

So now, I’m counting down the days till I go back. Counting down the hours till I get to see my friends again, till we get to order pizza together at 2 in the morning while we watch the Office. Counting down the days till I’m back in my dorm, deciding whether I should study another hour or binge watch Netflix till I fall asleep.

Can’t wait for winter break to be over.


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